About us

The Group's two historical companies: D. GUTZWILLER and STREUMASTER are linked to the markets for machines coupled with tractors or self-propelled climbs.
The materials proposed cover various sectors:
• agriculture
• road construction
• rehabilitation of roads and roads
• the forester

The great diversity of our sectors of activity and therefore the diversity of our customers, places us in a logic of continuous improvement of our products.
This wealth, combined with our culture of innovation and service, enables us to design, develop and manufacture high value-added materials wherever power transmission is sought in addition to precision.

With the integration of Munch Metal Industry, the group is adding to its traditional activities the activities of metal construction, metalworking / locksmithing and manufacture of works of art.
Thus, the group is diversifying, but also continues to strengthen its production tools and its mastery of raw materials.


Creation of D. Gutzwiller SARL

Acquisition of STREUMASTER

Creation of the "GUTZWILLER-GROUP"

Acquisition of MUNCH